Thursday, June 9, 2011

Nice (France) was Nice :-)

I’m finally getting the chance and motivation to sign on and write this well-overdue blog while Nate conjures up the same motivation to clean out the garageJ  I think I got the better end of the deal. 
While we’ve been busy since the last post, most of our time has been occupied with less than noteworthy events that most probably aren’t interested in reading about.  We’ve had a couple more Change of Command ceremonies to attend and other “this and that” army meetings and gatherings.  We’ve been laying low from traveling too much lately, although we did make a road trip to the French Riviera for Memorial Day weekend.  As you can see from the pictures, it’s an absolutely beautiful place and the color of the water is amazing!!!!  We traveled through Nice, France and stayed in a smaller town called Antibes.  Even though we strayed away from the major cities of Nice and Cannes, we still found the area to be pretty expensive and busy with people (things we try to avoid).  We enjoyed an evening strolling the streets of town and walking along the beach and even found a strip with several pubs and beer houses (Nate was a happy camper).  

Antibes, France

Nate's favorite stop

On our way back to Vicenza we stopped and spent the day at a beach on the Italian side of the border in a small town we just happened to stumble upon.  We’ve come to an agreement that we prefer these types of places to the major tourist towns.  We enjoyed an afternoon of people watching and soaking in the sun while lying in the sand, followed by a nice ocean view lunch.   It’s definitely a place worth returning to, and fortunately only 3 hours away.
Day at the beach... Italian Riviera

While sticking closer to home, we’ve enjoyed some excellent wine tasting at wineries very close to where we live.  This past weekend we visited the Piovene Porto Gordi winery and enjoyed a private tasting with one of the owners in the original building from the 1500s.  We tasted very generous size samples of around 10 different wines….I was laying down in the back seat for the ride home.  We came away with 15 bottles since the prices and wine were so good., plus an excellent bottle of olive oil they threw in.  Our collection is really starting to grow and we look forward to being able to share with visitors who come.
Wine Tasting

Cin Cin!

Wine to go! :)

Trying to calculate the bill while buzzed.... could be here a while!

In other news, our beautiful weather that has been present since we got here has turned on us and we have now had a week of showers and BIG thunderstorms with more in the forecast.  While the break from the heat was nice at first, we’re ready for the sun to come back so we can head outdoors again.  
I will try to keep up on here better in the coming weeks, but that’s all for now! Ciao!